is a very small tool that simply monitors the Windows clipboard and triggers when you copy a web URL.

It then automatically sends the URL to the URL shortening service and replaces the clipboard contents with the shortened URL.

It was written in a few hours, so it is very unpolished. Expect close to no error handling and an unpolished UI.

Version 1.0 (2014-04-02)

How to use

Start up It minimizes to the Windows taskbar notification area (aka system tray).

Rightclick the icon to open the settings window, and enter your username and API key. Click save to store the settings in the Windows Registry, and close the settings window. Now is monitoring the clipboard.

When you copy a URL (some very simple URL validation is performed – it pretty  much has to start with http:// or https://), will contact the service to shorten the URL and replace the clipboard contents with the shortened URL.

Then just paste the shortened URL where you need it.

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