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Hi. I’m Rasmus. I work with software. Mainly server-side software running on Windows Server and Microsoft Azure and Windows Client software. But I play around with iPad/iPhone and Windows Phone development as well.

I’m married and a father of two. I also once co-founded a company where I did the lions share of software development for several years. In the end we sold it to a very large company who liked our products and wanted to make them their own.

I blog about stuff that I work with in my day job and things I do outside of work. Mostly I blog so I have some place to write stuff that I think I will need to remember later, and that maybe someone else will find useful. Thank you, Scott Hanselman for that suggestion.

If you would like to contact me, reach out on Twitter @dkrasmusw, or send me an email to my name @ rassie . dk.

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