I’ve given presentations at a few conferences, both company-internal and at public conferences and user group events.

Here are the slide decks from the talks I can share.

Date Event Title
2018-04-21 Azure Global Bootcamp 2018 ASP.NET Core 2.0 Identity and Azure AD
2018-05-30 Intelligent Cloud Conference Copenhagen 2018 An Azure architecture for handling data synchronization with an offline facility
2019-04-10 Intelligent Cloud Conference Copenhagen 2019 Azure IoT Hub for Client Data Collection
2019-04-27 Azure Global Bootcamp 2019 Azure IoT Hub and Device Provisioning Service
2020-01-20 Azure User Group: Cloud Secrets – Azure Architecture Geo-distributed microservices at Widex
2022-11-18 CloudBrew conference 2022 Maersk Compliance Beacons

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